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How Banks Can Be There for Their Customers During and After the Pandemic

As governments and communities across the world work together to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the bulk of the world’s business and households are simultaneously facing huge changes.  Bank...

Juntos recognized as One of the Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Providers

Banking CIO Outlook Magazine, in conjunction with a panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has put together a list of the ten most promising customer experience solution providers in the...

How To Overcome The Greatest Barrier In Banking

What does it take to change people’s financial behaviors for the better? Mondato explains in this article how financial services providers are increasingly relying on a tactic called ‘nudging.’...

See Juntos Featured in El Financiero TV Bloomberg


The Best Practices To Unlock Chatbot Value

Several months ago, Juntos participated in the LATAM Open Banking Forum, where Juntos CEO & Co-Founder Ben Knelman presented on how chatbot investments are failing and how true value can be...

Juntos Featured in Fostering Financial Inclusion Blog Series

Banco W: Work Differently with Your Customers

Juntos Partnership with Vodafone Highlighted in Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth Report

Behavioral Analytics: The New Frontier?

Over the years, banks’ analytic capabilities have dramatically evolved. At first, analytics were descriptive, focused on answering the question “What happened?” Eventually, banks began to leverage...

Takeaways from our Digital Engagement Summit

At the end of October, Juntos hosted a range of partners and other industry leaders at our San Carlos Headquarters for our first Digital Engagement Summit. Over the course of two days, a diverse...

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