The Best Practices To Unlock Chatbot Value

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Several months ago, Juntos participated in the LATAM Open Banking Forum, where Juntos CEO & Co-Founder Ben Knelman presented on how chatbot investments are failing and how true value can be unlocked.  




In that webinar, Ben discussed the importance and implications of applying 5 golden principles to chatbot design and management:


  1. Focus first on what’s going to actually make a difference for the customer
  2. Be proactive in your conversations, not just reactive
  3. If all you do is sell, you’re limiting your sales
  4. You want a long term customer - take a long term approach
  5. Iterate, iterate, iterate!

When done right, proactive long-term automated conversations can achieve far more than cost savings in customer support -- they can build engagement and trust with your customers that drive new growth.   And, Ben illustrated that potential by contrasting a best practice approach against the most common pitfalls of chatbot deployments.


To learn more, see our recent eBook Chatbots Hype vs. Hope where we highlight some of the promises, pitfalls, and best practices of the chatbot industry.


You can read the eBooks' version in Spanish here.